Carrières Plo, based in Sarrancolin in the Pyrénées, uses modern technology to extract vividly coloured marble.

A material of kings, it is a symbol of elegance and prestige and is the finest quality product in France. It is dazzlingly beautiful thanks to its design and the richness of the colours. It is the most sumptuous marble in France.

The marble was extracted by the Romans, then later by Michelangelo in Rome, Mansart and The Duke d’Antin for the decoration of the Petit Trianon (Château de Versailles), The Châteaux de la Loire, The Opéra Garnier in Paris, The Rotschild House in England, The Empire State Building ( entrance hall) as as well as magnificient town houses and much more.

Blocks can be cut in any dimensions to be used for slabs, flagstones and more elaborate products such as columns.

Sarrancolin exists in two varieties:

Sarrancolin Opéra Fantastico: yellow, salmon pink, coral, coloured white, green and grey (Ilhet)

Sarrancolin Versailles: grey, salmon pink, white coral-coloured (Beyrède)

Carrières Plo has two new marble “Les Quatre Saisons” et “Le Grand Antique d’Aubert” which shouldn’t be missed. Come and discover them!



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